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Case Study: How a Lakeshore Guys Shoreline Handles Ice

Case Study: How a Lakeshore Guys Shoreline Handles Ice

Tom and Lori Cascalenda had an eroded, beat-up shoreline.  They hired Lakeshore Guys to fortify it, and to make it beautiful in the process.  We did both of those things (as we always do), and the Cascalendas loved the results and kindly said so in a review.

“I have been in the construction business for 40 years. It is very rare when a large project like a riprap shoreline is done at your home and the professionalism, care and attention to detail blows you away. The lakeshoreguys, everyone on the crew, were fabulous. When the project was finished, a day earlier than expected, the final result exceeded all of our expectations. We couldn’t be happier with our new shoreline and would recommend the lakeshoreguys to anyone looking for a beautiful, perfectly sloped and hand placed riprap shoreline.”
-Tom & Lori Cascalenda

The Cascalendas’ shoreline, before and after:

The Cascalendas knew right away they had a solid shoreline, but only later would they see exactly how solid.  Occasionally even a landscaper can – under the best of circumstances – make a shoreline that looks sturdy and not completely terrible.  At least in the warmer months.

Out of all the differences, what most separates a Lakeshore Guys shoreline from all others is how our shoreline handles ugly weather.  That includes high water, wave action, ice-heaving, and ice-jacking.  Old Man Winter had been the Cascalendas’ toughest foe.

How did their shoreline hold up?  We could describe it, but we’d rather show you.  The Cascalendas were kind enough to send us this quick walk-through video, and to take some photos.

As you would guess, the Cascalendas’ shoreline is on the left.  The neighbor’s un-riprapped, unprotected* shoreline is on the right in the next two photos.  (*On the other hand, it’s all too possible a landscaper attempted to build a shoreline there, and now it’s the lost city of Atlantis.)

In the photo below, the Cascalendas’ shoreline is on the right.  Notice the gap between where the ice ridge ends and our clients’ shoreline begins.  We engineer it that way.

In this photo, you can see both neighbors’ beat-up shoreline on either side of our clients’ undamaged shoreline.

As you can see, the riprap stones don’t budge.

In a head-on collision with Mother Nature, you will be the one who walks away with a sore noggin (if you walk away at all).  So avoid the collision.  No shoreline can absorb the force of a lake full of ice, but a Lakeshore Guys shoreline redirects that force.

Notice how the ice heaves glide over the shoreline in these photos we took even more recently:

If every winter (or spring thaw) makes your shoreline smaller and uglier, and you want to make it tough and beautiful instead, contact Lakeshore Guys.