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Reviews & Testimonials of Lakeshore Guys’ Riprap Shoreline Work

Reviews of Lakeshore Guys’ Riprap Shoreline Work

Quality pays for itself.  Picking the right shoreline-restoration company is important, because if you get it wrong, your shoreline will crumble or start eroding again in a few years (or next season), and you’ll have to pay for more work if you want to end the erosion for good.  Making a poor choice – like, say, hiring a local landscaper or concrete contractor – ultimately means your shoreline will become just another headache – not the calming retreat it should be.

We hope the in-depth info we share on this site and the photos of our work give you a sense of our craftsmanship and old-fashioned customer-service.  But please don’t stop there.  We hope you’ll also read the online reviews of Lakeshore Guys.  You can find them on sites like Google Maps and Facebook, but we’ve also included them word-for-word here on this page.  Where possible, we’ve added customers’ before-and-after photos, so you can see exactly what they’re talking about in their reviews.


“Oh my God, you guys Rock! (No pun intended)

“It’s absolutely beautiful! You have no idea how much the attention to detail and cleanup means to me. I wouldn’t even let the kids play on it today and shooed the ducks off too… It’s definitely a project to be proud of!

“Jonathan and I were talking today struggling with what to say to you once we saw it competed. Looking for words to express what we really thought of the end result. After staring at it for quite a while and reflecting back on what we imagined it could be when the tree first fell, here is what we came up with:

“The details are everything. ..the way the boulders slope to the water, the look of the river rock frost-break just under the water’s edge, beautiful stepping stones perfectly placed into the leveled rocks, meticulously formed sand beach and the edging design with flowing curves (so sexy!). On top of this a carefully dressed lawn ready to start anew. One of the nicest things we have ever “owned”.

“But more than the look of the shoreline, we appreciate your ability to connect with us and easily lead us through decisions to create our desired outcome, even when we weren’t sure exactly what it was or how to do it. Whether that is good sales strategy, comes from the heart, or both, it was well received on our end. Feeling as though you always had time for us and that our project was a top priority is not something you can ask for its something you had to show us.

“Looking back we actually had FUN! Talking through the project, trying to navigate and understand feelings and decisions presented to us. Not only were you fun to work with but your team was a delight as well. We looked forward to every “meeting” and got excited each time your team was at our house!

“Thanks again Joe and the rest of the Lakeshore Guys, what a great experience!”

Jackie and Jonathan Loose
(and Jacob, Aleiah, Lydia, and Stella, and Jim the neighbor)


“I was at the lake yesterday, and was absolutely amazed with the finished product! Simply saying that you and your crew exceeded my expectations would be a disservice to what you accomplished.

“From start to finish, you and your crew exemplify the meaning in pride of workmanship. During every step of the process, you met the highest standard possible. Your knowledge and ability to manage every step of the process in a fair and exemplary manner is matched by the crew you had working on this project.

“I was able to witness this pride in delivering a ‘job well done’, but what is even more of a testament to your high standards are the comments I received from three other homeowners on the lake. All three made a specific point regarding the respectfulness and hardworking professionalism of your crew. They were astonished at the shoreline transformation.

“Lastly, the extras you included (edging, mulch, neighbors step repair, transition from stairs to dock, just to name a few) went well beyond most every standard. You did these things because it was the right thing to do. This trait is rarely seen at this level in today’s business environment. I commend you for this.”

-Rob Peterson, Cedar Lake MN

Rob’s shoreline, before and after:



“Joe and his Lakeshore Guys crew did an amazing job completely re-doing our shoreline! Our #1 priority was to have
a kid-friendly beach installed and to enhance the overall appearance of our waterfront. We also wanted to ensure
maintenance-free lasting shoreline erosion protection.

“From the start Joe was extremely responsive, personable, and answered our many questions. He thought outside of
the box as we had several questions around spring and fall dock/boat storage needs. The crew was very personable,
professional, and extremely neat with equipment, supplies, and site clean-up. Everything went exactly as he
described and when they encountered a surprise removing old shoreline material he contacted me right away with
options to address it and keep things moving forward. We actually gained some shoreline as a result!

“Like in camping, “leave no trace”…they left our property in better shape than it was before they arrived by seeding
around the new shoreline and the areas they had been with equipment.

“We’ve already received a number of compliments from family and friends only days later. We highly recommend their
services to anyone looking to improve their waterfront!”
-Steve Anderson
Review on Google Maps and on Facebook (5 stars)


“A review? Well, I read many reviews, all were good, so I hired them. And to my surprise, this is a company that
actually does what they say they are going to do! Very refreshing experience. Very competent and friendly workers,
great communication start to finish, fantastic work, and they were not happy – until we were happy. You 100% can
‘not’ go wrong working with this company and their employees. Top notch all the way. Nuff said, contact them.”
-Jim Thoren
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)


“We would definitely recommend Lakeshore Guys to anyone doing a shoreline landscape job. Joe and his crew we’re
amazing–thorough, professional, friendly, creative and hardworking. From the first contact to the completed
project, Joe always responded to our inquiries in a professional and timely manner including great suggestions or
resolutions. Ron and the rest of the onsite team were one of the most professional crews we have had on our
property–always respectful to us, our neighbors and our property. They started and finished the project on time
and left our property in great condition. We love our new shoreline and are especially pleased with the new steps
into the lake and the beautiful and functional dock approach. Thank you Lakeshore Guys!”
-Kris Hayes
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)


“In my backyard I have a creek about 10 feet away from the house. In the past year since I bought the house, I could
see portions of the property pealing away with rising water from the storms we got. I think there were about eight
guys all together and they managed to get back probably six inches of the property I lost. Out of like 50 tons of
rock, these guys picked out flat stones for me to walk on so I can cross the creek. They trimmed a tree for me
which was too high to reach. They added more stones to the rip rap when I asked them to. They took out a portion of
my sidewalk which was cracked anyway and planted seed there. They were even willing to cut down a tree that was
leaning over my house. They left a pile of topsoil for me to use later, after they got all done with it. Joe, the
boss, make additional suggestions on how to make the riprap stronger by adding additional smaller rock to help lock
in the bigger stones. I also had a bunch of junk in my creek, like a pile of old concrete blocks. They cleaned all
that out. They even offered to share their lunch pizza with me because they wouldn’t eat it all. It’s kind of
tempting to invite them back, just to see what else they can do with the place.”
-Joseph Hajtl
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

“Having experienced nightmarish landscape projects in previous years, we were hesitant to take on another large
project after our shoreline was damaged this past winter due to ice heave. After checking out several options, we
contacted The Lakeshore Guys and couldn’t be happier. They were punctual, professional and answered all our
questions. They did exactly what they said they would do and more. Our lawn was left in pristine condition when
they were done and they even laid sod where the lawn met the new shoreline at no additional charge to us because
they thought it would be better than seeding and topsoil. Their attention to detail included things like hand
selecting and placing rocks so our dock rested evenly on the new riprap shoreline. I would highly recommend them
for any shoreline or landscape project. They were a pleasure to work with!”
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

“Joe and his team did a PHENOMENAL job at our cabin! He gave us great guidance on the project because honestly, we
didn’t know what to do. I don’t think I have ever worked with a company more professional. I never waited for a
response and they exceeded my expectations for quality and time. They even provided amazing drone pictures of the
completed work. I am in love with my lake front again. Thank you Lakeshore Guys!”
-Ryan Andersen
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

“We would absolutely use Lakeshore Guys again on any landscaping job. They did a fantastic job on our lakeshore
repair! Their level of expertise and open line of communication was fantastic. We continue to receive compliments
on our lakeshore project from friends & family. I would definately recommend Lakeshore Guys!”
-Kevin Lerdall
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

“We had a bad shoreline with lots of erosion and Muskrat damage and needed help. We found Lakeshore guys online. Joe
came over, and created a very sensible cost effective plan. His guys were very polite and professional both in the
way they acted and the way they looked. (no scary dudes here). All were dressed in company jackets with logos. They
worked very hard for three days bringing in rock from the street by wheel barrel and carefully placed all the rock
by hand. The heavy equipment brought in to remove the old sea wall was driven over plywood to protect the yard and
grass. They removed old dock and neatly piled in the front for easy removal. They even removed a retaining wall,
rocks and stump which was not part of the plan, at no charge. Nice surprise I hated that stump! They even did a
little additional landscaping with the job to tie it into the yard with edging and smaller rock, at no charge
because Joe was not happy with how it looked at that stage. He brought it up to his standard, no matter what it
took.( It was an artsy fartsy thing) The final result is a beautiful shoreline and a long lasting erosion
preventive, animal proof shoreline that I’m sure the muskrats won’t like but we love and should last forever.. The
neighbors are all commenting on the much improved view of the new gorgeous rocked beach. Almost no sign of the
heavy grueling work was left behind. Just like I waved my wand and it was done. This is how it’s supposed to work
when you pay good money for a professional job. Joe and his crew won’t disappoint. Recommend them 100%.”
-Jonsey Jones
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

“The guys did a great job on our small landscaping project. We were pleased with the work and the crew was friendly
and professional.”
-Cathy Ketchmark
Review on Google Maps (5 stars)

“We stumbled into Lakeshore guys on the computer by googling “Lakeshore.” Imagine that! We ended up with a beautiful new shoreline that far exceeded our expectations. After a meeting with Joe and a design consultation, four nice guys with matching jackets with logo’s showed up, introduced themselves and proceeded to create, mostly by hand, a new shoreline and hardly make a dent in our lawn. The only sign of serious work was the place where a stump and retaining wall were removed by the crew, filled in and sodded over. This was a freebie. Boy was I happy not to have to deal with looking at that any more. I am a new lakeshore owner and don’t know anything about this stuff, but I know what looks good, and when a neighbor that knows these things guessed the cost and guessed high, I knew I made the right decision. I researched these guys and couldn’t find any complaints so I thought, either he is that good, or he’s got a great IT dept. Well, I’ll just say, from my experience he’s just that good. If you want a great Looking lakeshore done, on time, reasonably priced, and end up with no sign of heavy work afterward then Lakeshore guys are the ones. Although that Muskrat may not agree! Thanks Joe.”
-Jerry Jones
Review on Facebook (5 stars)

For a riprap shoreline that will stand the test of time and that you can proudly show off, contact Lakeshore Guys today!