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Wisconsin Riprap Shoreline Restoration

Losing Your Wisconsin Lake Shoreline? Riprap to the Rescue!

If you’re losing your Wisconsin lakefront property to erosion, you need a riprap shoreline that’s even tougher than the elements.  Only a riprap shoreline – a carefully engineered barrier of stone supported by tough aquatic filter-fabric – can end erosion and stand the test of time.

Lakeshore Guys are the makers of the toughest riprap shorelines made.  We’re based just across the Mighty Mississippi, in the Twin Cities area.  Lakefront property owners throughout the Midwest are drawn to the quality of our work, and are sick of tall promises but shoddy work from local landscapers, who don’t have the experience or expertise to build the kind of riprap shoreline that only needs to be built once.

Our riprap shorelines are the toughest built, for no fewer than 15 reasons.  Like Wisconsin itself, a Lakeshore Guys riprap shoreline is both rugged and beautiful.  To stop the erosion and start enjoying your shoreline again, contact Lakeshore Guys today.